Morning gratitude!

What a beautiful morning in Central Coast! I'm sitting here in our new Sacred Earth Casita enjoying the rays of this beautiful radiant sun, feeling gratitude for all the blessings here, and now.. Surrounded by flowers, birds, medicinal plants, herbs, and my little monkey bee, Alexander :-) Thinking, what should I write for my VERY first post?!  and then realizing that I might make some spelling mistakes along the way :-0  But its ok, because who ever knows me, knows that I'm from Puerto Rico, and my first language is Spanish. So with all my respect, I apologize for any inconvenient, and give myself permission to have fun as I continue learning, and sharing with you the gifts of our Mother Earth,  even if I make some mistakes along the way. I Promise to share with you beauty in so many different ways that language barrier will not matter anymore. So for now, thank you for the mutual respect we will be sharing  from here on. Blessings to you always! 

And now, on my way to create, and prepare something beautiful with fresh harvest Borage flower... I will show you once is all done :-)

With gratitude,