Radiant Woman Yoga & Herbal Retreat

~Radiant Woman~

An All Day Woman's Yoga & Herbal Retreat!

Sunday June 29th


Radiant Woman

Radiant Woman

We will gather together Sunday June 29th from

10~6pm at the beautiful

 Green Lotus Center in Morro Bay!

We will focus on creating optimum health & healing through Yoga & Herbal Medicine.


A brief overview of the day will be~

  • A nourishing Gentle/Yin Yoga practice for harmonizing chakras/endocrine system with Angela & Jessica using Green Lotus Essential Oils & Crystal Bowls. This class will be suitable for all levels, ages & sages.
  • Tea making class with Angela~ every one will formulate their own blend as we will focus on specific herbs that nourish, tone & strengthen female system. Topics covered will be conception through menopause.
  • Tincture making class with Grisel. She will walk you through the entire process of making your own tincture from beginning til end. Grisel will talk about different herbs for hormonal balance at every stage of a woman's life. Everyone will formulate their own remedy and take home a 4oz. tincture. There will be tinctures to sample & taste.
  • Restorative Yoga with crystal bowls and essential oils led by Jessica & Angela. Focus will be on throat chakra crystal bowl which also correlates with thyroid gland and uniting our voices in a continuous Ommm to bring healing sound vibration to this area of the body.Every sound is a vibration, every cell receives this vibration. Sound healing heals us emotionally & physically ~ restoring body back to harmony.
  • Ending our day with a gratitude circle & we will have a some live plants to give away.
  • There will be a lunch break. Enough time to walk to Shine cafe, Thai food, bring your own lunch & sit on the patio or anything else you wish. If you live near there will be enough time to go home for a bit as well.
  • We will have food, and tea and many sweet herbal treats throughout the day.
  • We will unite our bodies, breath, hearts & cultivate mindfulness into all that we do.We will awaken our senses, our intuition as we taste, touch & smell as we create our own unique formulas.
  • The day will be filled with love, restoration, inspiration & delicious nourishment!
Grisel Puig-Snider

Grisel Puig-Snider

"In every culture throughout the world you will find at one time or another wise women using the indigenous plants of their region for health & healing for their families & communites. For thousands of years these women collected & gathered from meadows, woodlands, seasides & praries creating healing medicines. It was through intuitive communication with the plants, being in sync with the cycles of the moon that these women artfully created herbal formulas. Herbalism, rooted in the earth honored as a woman's healing art has survived the test of time and is now alive once again. Reclaim this connection for yourself and future generations."

~Rosemary Gladstar


Cost is $80~ in advance/$100~ at door

Open to 15

must pre~register to save your spot!

Please contact Angela Bailey for more info. or to register


(805) 540-0567