Confessions of a humble mother...A true Story!

For any of you that doesn't know me in a personal level,  I am a proud mama of 3 Amazing children. They are the inspiration for many of my planned adventures, and also for the ones they have planned for me.  Our house is truly like being in a roller coaster in Disney Land every morning. Ups and downs, fast and slow, moments that will take your breath away, and moments of pure joy and laughters.  Every morning is an adventure! And I am grateful for it. 

This morning, as we ride in joy our daily route, trying  to get 2 teenagers, and one 3 year old out of the house by 7:45 packed and ready for the day, the inevitable happened--we could not find the shoes. Yep! That puts us into the category of danger, super fast ride, going down at a velocity where we were no longer enjoying, changing the experience from joyful to stressful in no time.  We all manage to recover, and everyone got to there place on time. But it left me with a sense of unease, sadness, and feeling heavy in my heart. How can a morning go from joyful to discomfort in no time?  Well, its call life, and yes, that fast energy can change, and if you are not aware it might harm your entire day, almost to the point of not allowing you to see all the beauty that surrounds you, and your loved ones.  If you are not aware of those small moments that are testing  the strength and union of the family bond, it could rob you from the beauty, peace, and clarity throughout your day.  

I knew I had the choice to change the way this morning adventure left us feeling, so I text my daughter to say how sorry I was. For how fast it all escalate, and for her to know that NO shoes can take away the love I feel for her. After all, I know I have been in her shoes before, running like a crazy chicken looking for them everywhere, my parents trying to get me out of the door so they can go to work, and everyone going on with their day feeling uneasy, and a heavy heart.  I think we all know that feeling in one way or another.  She end up texting me back with so much compassion, and kind heart. That made the the discomfort of this morning become a bonding and  expression of unconditional love. What a gift!  So bottom line, I will continue trying my best, as mom, to walk in the beauty of this precious gift call motherhood. To open my eyes to see beyond the vail of despair, so I can be fully present in the beauty of every single adventure they bring into my every day life!! Even if it all start with a missing shoe.

After all, don't are we all teachers, as well as students for one another?

Mom and daughter conversation 

Mom and daughter conversation