Let's Create a Sanctuary Together...

Within each of us lies the seed of sanctuary. 

Master herbalist of Sacred Earth Remedies, Grisel Puig-Snider & traditional storyteller, Zette Harbour have designed a space for women to experience and nourish this seed. 

In this 3-hour interactive session that is a combination day spa + creative rejuvenation + centering session designed to strengthen your resilience & clarify the path to your unique inner sanctuary.

Please visit 


To register for this workshop and to share this event with others, as well as for additional information and resources. 

≈ Our tuition for this 3 hour session is $50. ≈

≈ We can only hold spaces through the link on our site. ≈

Once you are registered, we will send you a confirmation email. As before, we are limiting the number of attendees in order to keep the group cozy, so sign up early to be sure to have a space. 

Tuition is $50, and registration closes after May 21.

Ready for an Amazing Hands on Herbal Series Class?!

Ready for an Amazing Hands on Herbal Series Class?!

If you have wanted to learn more about healing herbs and essential oils, we invite you to this amazing Herbal, and Essential Oils hands-on Series.

This series begins with an "Herb Walk" guide by Angela Bailey.
Dates:  Sunday, March 22 & March 29 from 10~12:30
The cost for the herbal walk is $10 

Follow by our First "Herbal Series Class"

First class will be "Salve Making 101", with Angela Baile      Sunday, April 12 from 10~12:30pm 
Cost for this class is $35, or $90 for all 3 classes.

Second class will be "Essential Oil Blends for the Whole Family" with Jessica Rose Stron
Sunday, April 19 from 10~12:30pm
Coast for this class is $35, or $90 for all 3 classes

Last class will be Herbal Series Class will be, "The Art Of Natural Skin Care, with Grisel Puig-Snide
Sunday, April 26 from 10~12:30pm
Cost for this class is $35, or $90 for all 3 classes.

For more information on classes, and prices contact Angela Bailey at (805) 540-0567 or by email at willowmoon.bailey@gmail.com

Pre-registration is require

21 Days of Positive Affirmations!

I invite you into my journey of 21 days practicing positive affirmation!

A moment of gratitude

A moment of gratitude

As I sit here typing what I am planning to do, I think to myself,  why are you doing this? What's the purpose? And, for who are you doing this? I have to be honest, I don't have all the answers right now, but I do know they will come when the time is right,  and I am ok with that. I feel that the point of doing this is to help me get clarity, see what comes up, work on what I need to, let go some old patters/habits that no longer serves me, and allow new space so I can continue creating my story. The one I am choosing to create. With all the ups and downs,  just like anyone else. 

SO here I go!  For the next  21 days I will be posting a Daily Positive Affirmation. Cards, Videos, or anything that calls me to share. Feel free to use them in your life, if it calls you! If not, feel free to move yourself into the direction where life is showing you the beauty you want to see, feel, and create. Once you start by allowing yourself to be in that space where you feel the most love, stay there, give thanks, and witness the magic that happens when you say yes to that the gives you the most love to yourself. You won't regret! 

I hope you enjoy this recording as much as I did!


I found this recording in soundcloud and I really enjoy it!

There are times when you are call to wear your Army Uniform!

Today I am wearing my Super Hero Suit! And I am LOVING IT!

Proud to be wearing this super hero suit!

Proud to be wearing this super hero suit!

It has been two long days of my husband, and son Aidan being sick with some crazy stomach stuff. They are now feeling much better after spending the day in bed resting, hydrating with homemade ginger ale, and tea, few drops of herbal tinctures secretly add (for my son), a good dose of Mango/Orange popsicle, some soda crackers, and lots of love. Just writing this I am feeling already tired.

Two night...no sleep...exhausted

Two night...no sleep...exhausted

After two days, and night of none stop taking care of my very ill loved ones, I am ready to start taking care of myself. Why? Look at the picture above. I am about to pass out. Well, not really, but REALLY. I can already feel my energy feeling low and requiring some immediate attention in order for me to continue helping others. This sounds familiar to you?

Now I know what I am going to dress up for Hallowing :-)

Now I know what I am going to dress up for Hallowing :-)

So today as I put my army, nothing can get through, warrior, armor suit,  I am going to start adding more herbal tinctures into my every day life, and the lives of my loved ones. And yes, I use myself, and my family to practice everything I have learn through out the years about medicinal plants, and their healing properties.  This is where I get my hands on, feedback, results, and homework done. Through my friends and family I get to witness how their bodies heal in a gentle way. Using herbs from my garden, or from local resources  to assist on what its need it at the moment. Plants like Yarrow to lower the fever, or chamomile to help with abdominal discomfort, adding Echinacea, and Goldenseal tincture to boost the Immune System. This are just few herbs you can use. I like to use tinctures since they provide a liquid form of herbal supplement to those who have difficulty swallowing capsules. They also are more readily absorbed than encapsulated herbs, so are faster acting. They are perfect to add on soups, juices, water, tea, or simply take few drops strait under your tongue. 

Getting some love from the one that has so much in her, Moccasin! 

Getting some love from the one that has so much in her, Moccasin! 

So I hope my story of today bring some useful knowledge to you!

If you are interested on learning more about tinctures, herbs, or on our upcoming workshop Sunday, october 19th on ways to Strength your Immune System, feel free to visit my website at www.sacredearthremedies.com, or call me anytime.

DISCLAIMER: This information is to educate only. It is NOT intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or condition. If you have, or think you have, a condition which requires medical attention, a health care professional should be consulted.