They are not just creams...They are an experience

For me creating this creams is a Sacred offering. From collecting medicinal plants and selecting the best natural and organic ingredients, to carefully preparing them. I hope that you will use then with the intention of taking time each day to truly nurture yourself. 

Making Your Perfect Tea Blend

This Tea set was a gift from my Dad to my Mom when they married. He bought it at a flea market, (since he did not have much money at the moment) in the Island of Puerto Rico. I loved it so much, that my mama end up giving it to me when I move to the USA. 

This Tea set was a gift from my Dad to my Mom when they married. He bought it at a flea market, (since he did not have much money at the moment) in the Island of Puerto Rico. I loved it so much, that my mama end up giving it to me when I move to the USA. 

One of my most favorite things to do when creating a tea blend, is to simply enjoy the process. To not get caught into what it should looks like, or if I am adding to much, or to little of something. Its about being present with whats calling at the moment. Its important for me to connect with the plant before picking it. I believe is essential  to treat with honor, and respect THAT which give us their life, so we can heal our bodies, mind and soul. You see, is not that complicated. Treat others as you want others to treat you :-) Basic rules of healthy living :-) And that is crucial with Everything, and Anything you are planning to put in your body. I actually believe thats where ALL begins.

So for all of you Tea lovers, Here is a Simple, but Powerful tea recipe I created, and call it, 

 "Blissful Tea"

1 part dandelion leaf -A great tonic herbs of all times. High in vitamins and minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron and vitamins A and C.

1/4 Chinese Star Anise - A carminative, stimulant, analgesic, and energy regulator. 

1/4 Fresh Mint - Good for colds, flu, fever,  gas and mind digestive disorders. 

Jiaogula leaf (optional) Also call as "the Herb of Immortality" 

A pinch of rose petals - It dries cold, clear mucous discharges, relieves constrictives feelings of chest and abdomen, treats poor appetite, harmonize blood, and much more. 

I suggest not adding to much flowers on your tea, since it can overpower on the taste.

Boil a cup water. After is boil, let it cool down for few seconds. Mix 1 teaspoon of your tea blend with one cup of hot water. Then Relax and Enjoy your tea!

Remember to breathe the steam that comes from that cup. It's very healing for our bodies. And also remember to be grateful for all the nurturing that its happening as you sip your Prefect Tea!

Enjoy it, and have a BEAUTIFUL day! 

Enjoy it, and have a BEAUTIFUL day! 



Grateful to share my New Herbal Tinctures with you...

Organic Helbal Tinctures

Organic Helbal Tinctures


Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of herbs and the most effective way to get medicinal herbs into your bloodstream. They are very potent and are taken by the dropperful, most often diluted in warm water or juice. Because they are so concentrated, they should be administered carefully.

Made with 20% pure plant extracts and 80% alcohol.

Handcrafted Organic Tinctures

Goldenseal Root- it dries and cleanses the mucus membranes, inhibiting excessive flow, counteracts inflammation, regulates menses, aids digestion, treats liver disease, cleanses the blood and counters infection. It is also a stimulant to uterine muscles, contracts the blood vessel, and inhibits excessive bleeding. Goldenseal root is also effective against flu, fever, and ALL kinds of infections.  

Black Cohosh – Used for menstrual problems, menopause and post-hysterectomy symptoms join health, and headaches. It is useful for rheumatic and arthritic complains accompanied by feelings of heaviness. It improves blood circulation and is used in treating delayed and painful menses.  

Hibiscus – Rich in antioxidants, rich in vitamin C, boots energy, calm hot flashes, an anti-inflammatory, boost immune system, maintains fluid balance. Speed up metabolism, lower levels of cholesterol, and high blood pressure, and helps to flush out excess heat in the body.  

Damiana - A natural aphrodisiac, a tonic for central nervous system, depression, and anxiety related to sexual dysfunction. It improves digestion, cures constipation and relief respiratory disorders including irritable coughs.  

Sassafras – Is effective against skin diseases, acne, arthritic and rheumatic pains, ulcers, colds, and flu. It has been used in swelling in the nose and throat, bronchitis, chronic cold and other respiratory inflammation. It is considered antiviral in nature and used in treatment of measles.

Rose – It dries cold, clear mucus discharges, relieves constrictive feelings of the chest and abdomen, treats poor appetite, harmonizes blood and is use for irregular menstruations and pain case by blood stagnation.

Now you can order any of this Amazing Tinctures here at Sacred Earth Remedies! 

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Disclaimer: The information provided here is for educational purposes only, and should not be used to diagnose and treat diseases. If you have a serious health problem, we recommend that you consult a competent health practitioner.

"Hibiscus Herbal Tonic" Now for Sale!

Hibiscus Herbal Tonic... now for sale at Sacred Earth Remedies!

Fresh bottle "hibiscus herbal tonic"

Fresh bottle "hibiscus herbal tonic"

Now you can purchase you're weekly "Hibiscus Herbal Tonic" here at Sacred Earth Remedies. I will be brewing a blend every Monday, and will be ready to pick up wednesday. (Sorry, no deliveries, AND this only applies to Central Coast, California friends, and family) When you purchase the tonic for first time the coast is $10, including the hibiscus herbal blend, and a new bottle. This tonic is a mix of  herbs that are great to build a strong immune system, maintenance your body, create an invisible shield to protect against any free radicals, clear mucus and bile, open your chest to breath better, relaxes your nerve system, full of antioxidant, vitamin C, great for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and way more.  If you have any question, watch my last video on  the blog on how to prepare hibiscus drink. It was call " Please know that for me, doing this Terrifies me"  After you purchase the first bottle, if you wish to get more, it will be $8 with the bottle back. I suggest, since this is a fresh drink that does not contain anything to preserve it for long time, to simply drink it. Don't save it for to long because it will get bad. You can have this cold, or hot tea. You can add honey, sugar, water, however is best for you. There is no right way, or wrong way. Its just a PERFECT no matter wish way your choose to drink it. Just enjoy it and know that your Body, Mind, Heart and Soul is getting a huge dose of pure LOVE!


preparing hibiscus tonic

preparing hibiscus tonic

*Important Disclaimer:

This information is to educate the consumer on widely accepted uses of common herbs. This is not intended in any way to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. Please consult your health professional care if you have, or think you have a condition which requires medical attention.

Time for tea

Time for tea