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Blessings from Idaho majestic beauty

Blessings from Idaho majestic beauty

Happy Monday to you all! 

Today is day 19 out of 21 days of positive affirmation. I am choosing this beautiful picture of our family trip to Idaho because it speaks to me. The powerful affirmation is from a great teacher, Ernest Holmes. I feel inspired by his reflections, and connected to his words.They speak to my heart. Hope this affirmations brings to you the clarity you need to continue walking in this Earth in the most a gentle, beautiful way. 



21 Days of Positive Affirmations!

I invite you into my journey of 21 days practicing positive affirmation!

A moment of gratitude

A moment of gratitude

As I sit here typing what I am planning to do, I think to myself,  why are you doing this? What's the purpose? And, for who are you doing this? I have to be honest, I don't have all the answers right now, but I do know they will come when the time is right,  and I am ok with that. I feel that the point of doing this is to help me get clarity, see what comes up, work on what I need to, let go some old patters/habits that no longer serves me, and allow new space so I can continue creating my story. The one I am choosing to create. With all the ups and downs,  just like anyone else. 

SO here I go!  For the next  21 days I will be posting a Daily Positive Affirmation. Cards, Videos, or anything that calls me to share. Feel free to use them in your life, if it calls you! If not, feel free to move yourself into the direction where life is showing you the beauty you want to see, feel, and create. Once you start by allowing yourself to be in that space where you feel the most love, stay there, give thanks, and witness the magic that happens when you say yes to that the gives you the most love to yourself. You won't regret! 

I hope you enjoy this recording as much as I did!


I found this recording in soundcloud and I really enjoy it!