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"4 Keys to Curb Hormonal Changes" for Women

  • Sacred Earth Remedies Los Osos, California (map)

How do hormones get out of balance?

Hormones are incredible chemical messengers in our body that affect our brain, heart, bones, muscles, and reproductive organs and are an essential part of the workings of every cell in the human body. Hormones work best when balanced. However, hormones can become imbalanced.

Hormone imbalances are caused by:

*Higher than average levels of stress
*Poor food choices
*Inadequate sleep
*Taking synthetic hormones
*Sedentary lifestyle (lack of movement or exercise)  

Are you feeling frustrated and tired of feeling like you are losing control of your body, mind, and soul?  Do you feel you might be going through hormonal changes? Would you like to find out natural ways to help assist with hormonal changes? 

If you feel is a yes for one or more of those questions then you will want to consider coming to this amazing workshop! 

"4 Keys to Curb Hormonal Changes" for Woman

Join me for an intimate, fun,  and educational workshop on Sunday, June 12  from 1:00pm until 3:00pm

We will be opening our hearts in a very safe place where we will be sharing stories, relating with one another, learning about herbs that will help with hormonal changes, enjoying fresh herbal teas, and more than anything laughing a lots.

The cost for this workshop is $40

 * You will each bring home a gift bag with some of my handmade creations

Please make sure to register at to reserve your space.

This event is open for 12 ladies max, first come first serve!

*Feel free to invite any friend that comes to your mine that will appreciate this gathering. Its always better when you have someone you can share and feel safe.