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3 Natural Secrets to help your Teen get rid of Stubborn Acne..

If you are a parent of a teenager that suffers from acne you probably understand how painful it is for them, and for us to see our kids not feeling confident with their skin (mainly face, neck and back) once the hormones start kicking. Add to that the amount of sports, stress from school, and life in general. Is truly a very difficult time for them and for us. 

As a parent of two teens I was committed to help them go through those changes and also finding solutions that were good for them and also not harmful for their body. That's when i decided to create a line of natural skin care remedies to assist with what happens to their skin with hormonal changes, and I am so grateful I did!

To my benefit I am an herbalist so I am always studying and learning about medicinal plants and their healing properties. I can tell you it was not easy to convince my teenage boy to use some of my products, but after he did the first  time, now that's all he uses. He even admitted the other day how he has tried EVERYTHING to help him with his acne and NOTHING has worked--but once he tried what I have offered him to use, he saw the difference immediately. Now, that was big for me! I pass the test with my own teenagers and trust me, they are my biggest critics.  

So I want to extend the invitation to you all, parents of Teens. Lets get together to learn Three Natural and Easy steps to help your Teen with Stubborn acne. You wont regret neither your child. 

The cost of this workshop is $40 , this includes a handmade, natural skin care kit to help clear and get rid of acne. 

Only 10 spaces available so please make sure to reserve your spot at

Let your journey in life be Always guided by the Light in your Heart..

Let your journey in life be Always guided by the Light in your Heart..