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Hands On Skin Care Spa Sunday, June 26th..

Our skin is the biggest organ in our body. Its constantly dealing with the pounding of environmental pollution and toxins that come from our external world, as well as dealing with our internal issues. It takes time, love, and care to create and maintain a healthy radiant skin. A good way to give back is by being conscious of what we are putting into it, and being aware of only purchasing products that are healthy not only for you but also for the environment. To always try to stay with as much organic, local, and natural ingredients as you can. By doing this you will nurture, heal, and promote healthy and radiant skin in the most wholesome way.  

Join me Sunday, June 26 from 1:00pm until 3:30pm for a very fun, nurturing and educational gathering. We will spend two and a half hours loving our skin and ourselves, laughing with friends, drinking herbal tea, relaxing, sharing, and more than anything Having Fun

We will start by making our own flower and herb facial steam to open our pores, awaken our cells, and clear our third eye. 

Benefits of Facial Steams

  • THEY CLEANSE. Warm steam softens the surface of your skin to remove impurities, bacteria and dirt from your pores. It also draws out buildup, softening blackhead and whitehead plugs so they gently release from the skin.
  • THEY PROMOTE HEALTHY CIRCULATION. Increasing your perspiration helps your skin's blood vessels to dilate, improving blood flow. The blood feeds and oxygenates the skin. Good circulation is key to a healthy complexion.
  • THEY HYDRATE. Steam is hydrating for your skin and great for increasing permeability. The moist heat revives tired skin and supports the absorption of moisture from your skin care products, increasing your skin's suppleness.
  • THEY CALM. Steaming instantly connects you to your breath, and the aromatherapy is relaxing and soothing to body and mind.
  • THEY GIVE YOU A GLOW. The boost in circulation and blast of hydration to the surface of your skin will leave you with a beautiful, healthy glow.
Fresh harvest herbs to use on the facial steam

Fresh harvest herbs to use on the facial steam

We will follow the steam with our personally made organic handmade Mud Mask.

Rejuvenating Mud Mask

Rejuvenating Mud Mask

Benefits of Mud Mask 

  • EXFOLIATION. Mud is naturally going to dry out once applied to your face and once you scrub it off it's not hard to see that the exfoliation is real. Real effective that is.
  • MOISTURIZE. Believe it or not the mud is a deep moisturizer. It gets deep into those pores and provides just enough for the skin not to become oily.
  • BLEMISHES. Or a lack there of more so. Obviously washing your face is going to help keep those blemishes away but the mud actually helps reduce the redness.

Ah! BREATH! This is the moment when true relaxation begins. This is the time when you find your perfect space to sit, close your eyes, and simply relax. This is your time to nurture from a deeper level. 

We will finish our skincare spa by applying one of my handmade Herbal & Flower Tonic, follow by some of my Handcrafted Natural Moisturizers..

So, I take a moment to invite you to be part of this beautiful and intimate experience. To Allow yourself to make the time to love, relax, and nurture your Body, Mind & Soul. To give yourself permission to treat your body with the love and respect it needs. Because YOU,  hardworking mom, wife, entrepreneur, friend, coworker, and loving woman deserves this and more!

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*Because this is an intimate event, which means I only have 10 spaces available, it is necessary to register. This will ensure your space and will make it fair for everyone :-)

Cost is $40

Please note: Once you have fully registered you will receive an email with the address for this event.

First-come-first-serve offer.

Warm Gratitude..

Note: In gratitude for all the support from my community, I would like to offer one complementary space in each workshop for a Cancer Survivor or woman otherwise in need. 

Let your journey in life be ALWAYS guided by the light of your heart..
— Grisel Puig-Snider
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