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Copy of Homemade Digestive Bitters for Better Health Workshop...

  • Sacred Earth Remedies Los Osos, California (map)

Most of us know bitters only as a dusty, paper-wrapped bottle tucked away in the back of the liquor cabinet. But bitters have a far more flavorful and healthful history. Created with a variety of aromatic and bitter herbs, digestive bitters have been used for centuries to promote good health from within by stimulating the liver, aiding digestion, and helping ease inflammation.
Today, digestive bitters are making a comeback—and for good reason! Herb-infused bitters are a simple and delicious way to activate your digestive tract or calm upset stomach. Taking a dose of bitters before meal can jumpstart the production of digestive juices. This improves nutrient uptake and reduces gastric complaints like gas, cramping, constipation, and bloating.


Join me Sunday, November 5th,from 2pm until 4:30pm for a very Fun, Educational and delicious afternoon of bitter making! We will be learning what are bitters, how they work, how to prepare them, and how to enjoy them in your day lifestyle. 
This workshop is a hands-on experience. You will be leaving with a fresh batch of your own custom bitters, recipes, and the knowledge to continue preparing them for your uses or for any special occasion.
Cost $65

Please know that a percentage of your cost pays towards purchasing one space in one of my workshops for a Cancer Survivor or woman otherwise in need.  Feel free to private message me if you know of someone. This opportunity this is a first-come-first-serve offer. 
Warm Gratitude,
Grisel Puig-Snider
"Let your journey in life be always guided by the light in your heart"