Natural Beauty Starts Within  

Customized workshops invite and empower women and young girls to learn how to take care of our own bodies body naturally, organically, and comprehensively. 

Our workshops are designed to be restorative and deeply relaxing, cultivating peaceful and healing renewal for attendees by utilizing organic herbal skincare products, luxurious in-home spa treatments and time for inner stillness. 

Through hands-on education and treatments formulated to address skin, health and body care on all levels, small intimate groups learn about using medicinal plants for skin care and body health. 

This time becomes a beautiful opportunity to relax and reflect together, connecting inwardly and with each other and allowing each treatment to nurture our needs in body, mind and spirit.

We will also learn about herbs that help us balance the body internally when prepared as tea.

Students will take home samples of products they have used and  new found herbal knowledge of how to use natural products to facilitate optimum balance for themselves, family and friends.

Workshop Topics Include:

  • Hands-On Spa Treatments
  • Teenage Skin Care
  • Aiding Hormonal Balancing in the Body
  • Aging Naturally and Gracefully
  • Understanding Your Skin Type
  • Identifying, Collecting, and Preparing medicinal plants
  • Utilizing Medicinal Plants and Herbs at Home for Self Care

Please View Calendar for Individual Course Pricing and Details. Private Spa Parties are always available and are wonderful for gatherings and celebrations of all ages; please contact us for more information!

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