Please know that for me, doing this is TERRIFYING!

Good beautiful monday morning everyone! And welcome back to school to many of you. As I continue my growth through this journey with the connection of our Mother Earth, and her medicinal plants,  I invite you to come along with me to learn, teach, and share with each other. As I do this, please know Its not easy for me to record myself and share it with all of you. Then, add that I am VERY aware of my VERY strong accent :-0  but I am not letting that fear stop me. I am  pushing through those fears knowing that its all coming from heart, intention, and with lots of  love.  My desire is to pass along some of the gift  that were share with me, so you can use them for the highest good, and well being of all. So yes, I will be very nervous every time I record a video, but I won't let that stop me, and I hope that doesn't stop you from getting some good, funny, and crucial knowledge on how to best take care of ourselves, family and friends with some herbal homemade remedies. So for all of you who are interested in medicinal plants, enjoy it!  Feel free to write back with any questions, or leave a comment, or simply like and shares with others. Thats the way its meant to be!

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